Who We Are.

We are the Cater family, located in Sacramento, our Ranch is bringing the Scottish Highland Cattle breed to the local beef market. Scottish Highlands or “the hairy coos” produce extremely tasty, tender and healthy beef. We like to describe the quality difference between our Highland beef and your grocery store Angus beef that of a garden tomato versus a grocery store tomato. You can taste the difference!

How We Raise our Cattle

Quality beef is an art, it takes time, patience, and lots of laborious love. We take pride in producing honestly raised beef that will impress you and your family. Our cattle graze freely on irrigated pastures and are supplemented with spent brewers’ grain from local craft breweries year-round. We take the approach of providing both quality grass and grain, then allow the steer to freely eat. At the time of harvest, we take exceptional measures to ensure the process is quick and stress free. Harvesting an animal that is stress free is not only humane, but directly contributes to high meat quality. Our beef is corn free, steroid free, and growth hormone free.

How to Order

If you’re in the market for specific cuts, you can build your cart with your selection of USDA inspected beef cuts. Once you have checked out, you can expect a text within a few hours to notify you that your order is packaged and ready for curbside pickup at the Ranch! A text that you are on your way is helpful and helps with having your beef ready to bring out to your car. We are generally open for pickup every day of the week from 7AM to 9PM.

Ordering Full and Half Beef

A popular option for a family that would like to stock up and save some money would be reserving a half or whole beef. When ordering a whole or half beef the process will start with a deposit. From there, we will give you a harvest date. The harvest date is the date that your beef will be slaughtered and taken to a butcher. Half beefs will be sent to our preferred butcher, Foothill Meats in Oroville, however, if you purchase a full beef, you are welcome to reserve your own butcher date and we will have it delivered to them. You can view a complete cost breakdown on our full and half beef under our Highland beef section.


Our Ranch

130 Ascot Ave

Rio Linda, CA

Mon - Sun, 9am - 8pm

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